Intelligent Performance Management

G2 Business Services is a performance management specialist company, providing services and solutions to the market since 2001. We are performance management experts, with software solutions built on years of practical expertise.

g2-metrix® Software Suite


g2-METRIX® is a cloud based software as a service performance management software suite comprising 4 modules –Dashboard & KPIs, Audit, Reporting & Middleware.

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g2-HLD – Dashboard & KPIs configured to track and demonstrate that an organisation outsourced supply chain is meeting its key objectives & deliverables.

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g2-AUDIT is a unique online [or offline mobile application] designed to assist you with your auditing requirements – compliance, service, projects, H&S, EMS et al.

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g2-REPORTS is a reporting engine designed to report on performance – monthly/period snapshot, trend over extended periods, compare year on year performance – view onscreen or download into an excel, pdf or word document.

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g2-MIDDLEWARE used to translate and process data from your internal/external data sources (CAFM/Helpdesk, surveys, complaints et al) into information that is imported into g2-METRIX®. g2-Middleware also auto process your g2-Audit data.

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Performance Management

In an environment where change is the only constant, control is crucial but so is your performance model. The g2bs pioneering software suite, coupled with our performance management expertise is the next positive step to meeting your needs and expectations.

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We have a wealth of experience in undertaking consultancy projects, and have helped deliver outstanding results for our customers across a range of sectors.

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Facilities Management

With over 40 years experience in Facilities Management (FM), we understand the challenge of delivering and sustaining a quality working and operating environment for all employees.

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Training + R & D

We can offer a range of training courses that can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

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We Save Our Customers Time & Money

A 97% customer satisfaction rate and a 4:1 return on investment, any of our customers will be delighted to tell you more.

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Success Stories

g2bs and g2-metrix® continue their long-term successful relationship supporting the performance and governance of SP’s outsourced FM services throughout the UK and Ireland. For more information contact

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