Facilities Management

Facilities Management

BDoing today what others are only thinking about

With over 40 years experience in Facilities Management (FM), we understand the challenge of delivering and sustaining a quality working and operating environment for all employees, whether as an employer, client or supplier. We can assist you to improve the range of benefits that can be realised through your operations in a number of ways:

Specialist advice on FM strategy, development and delivery.

Outsourcing solutions  and models.

Preparation of commercial tender documentation from procurement to contract formation, mobilisation, transition and beyond.

Design and preparation of performance specifications, service levels, fee abatement models.

Benchmarking activity and costs comparisons.

Consider the impact on your business of a company whose approach is a radical departure from conventional practices and procedures. In a climate of spiraling costs, often limited resources and restricted budgets, the g2BS philosophy is an evolution, not a revolution.

Through our FM framework and model approach, we can provide a vehicle for continuous learning and development. We help you to define the strategy and approach which will focus your entire supply chain (in-house or outsourced) towards the end user.

Challenging long-held beliefs and posing fundamental questions, our approach is designed to direct your resources to optimum effect, delivering company-wide benefits which will shape your FM strategy and provide long term clarity and vision.

Our experience means that we can provide unique outsourcing solutions or help you with any commercial tender documentation to forming your contracts.

A different approach to FM.