Executive level dashboard

g2-HLD is a management level dashboard used to track and demonstrate that an organisation is meeting its key objectives and deliverables — typically Financial, Service, Customer, Environmental, Safety performance.

These objectives and deliverables can relate to different organisational requirements. Some of our customers use g2-HLD to track overall delivery of their outsourced services, others use this to track progress of their corporate objectives.

If you want to track and demonstrate how your outsourced services are performing against why you outsourced in the first place, or simply want to demonstrate that your corporate objectives are being met, then the g2-HLD is the ideal solution.

g2-HLD is configurable for the customer with the customer goals and objectives being tracked on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as your own requirements demand. g2-HLD operates a high level overview, an option to drill into any component of the high level dashboard along with a further option for the user to specify what they want to see. The data in g2-HLD can be uploaded from your own data files or directly imported using our g2-Middleware.

Like all g2 products, the g2-HLD can be provided on a stand-alone basis or as part of the g2 suite of performance management solutions.