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About g2BS


Performance Management Experts

We have provided services and solutions to the market since 2001. We are performance management experts, with software solutions built on years of practical expertise.

We help customers who want to manage their outsourced supply chain, and/or their internal service levels. If there are services to be delivered, we will have an objective performance management model, and the software tools to help.

Our services include consultancy, training and R & D.

Our solutions include g2-Metrix®—the market leading web based performance management software, g2-Audit (our data capture solution), g2-HLD (High Level Dashboard), and g2-Middleware (our established data transfer processes for taking data directly from customer systems)

g2-Metrix® and g2-HLD are currently interfacing with numerous customer based systems.

Our aim is to help you measure & manage performance efficiently, then help you demonstrate value to your internal and external customers. It’s about the right components, structure & applicable key performance indicators & key performance outcomes.

We have a proven track record saving our customers time & money, a 97% customer satisfaction rate and a 4:1 return on investment, any of our customers will be delighted to tell you more.

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