Bespoke Data Translation Software 

g2-MIDDLEWARE To create an interface between g2-metrix® and external data sources, g2-middleware is used to translate data from your internal or external data sources [CAFM, service desk, complaint logs et al] into information that can be imported into g2-Metrix® instantly. This ensures that no matter the number of events or transactions you deal with on a month-by-month basis, you will have almost instant visibility of performance. g2-Middleware is an embedded module within the g2-metrix® software ready for configuration and mapping relative to the data structure of internal and external data sources, it also instantly processes any relevant g2-audit data.

g2-Middleware config involves an export from your data source(s) in a simple csv format we then take individual events and group them according to rules we set in collaboration with you – for example consolidating individual locations into regions, services into service groups etc all for ease of measurement and tracking through g2-HLD scorecards – once set up the processing takes minutes again saving time and money by reducing your admin burden.

The config process involves what we call the mapping phase. We will work with you and your suppliers to create the rules which group locations, services or any other business component you wish to track the performance of and identify key data held against (for example) planned and reactive CAFM events which are required to accurately measure performance.

The processing is tested, and the middleware is good to go. The mappings and rules are dynamic and can be readily adjusted as your performance data matures.

Middleware data reports for review including an error log for the ongoing management of the data source input are provided as handy, referenceable utility downloadable reports.

With g2-audit and your external data sources working together through the middleware processing the resulting output in g2-metrix® is instant, the ROI you realise is even more significant.