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Performance Management

Transforming Information into Intelligence.

Recognising the fast growing nature of the Managed Services sector, g2BS has devoted thousands of hours of research and development to come up with a solution to the challenge of managing service performance across multiple functions and multiple sites. In an operating environment where change is the only constant, control is crucial, and g2BS’s pioneering software application is a positive response to business needs … and expectations.

g2-Metrix® is the culmination of this effort and is an information management portal that captures key data, turns it into information and presents that information as meaningful business knowledge. g2-Metrix® enables you to manage not only your own business performance but the performance of your contracts and suppliers. It is a performance management dashboard with a drilldown facility to allow you to pinpoint problem areas.

g2-Metrix® is a secure web-enabled application that is customised to help you measure against key performance indicators and key performance outcomes. Client and suppliers can share real-time, historic and benchmark information on a 24×7×365 basis.

Performance is key, and we are committed to delivering original solutions tailored to suit your needs. We fully understand today’s operating climate where the benefits of real-time access to vital information via the internet means that you don’t have to rely on traditional forms of reporting. g2-Metrix® lays down new ground rules for your business.

By harnessing insight and ingenuity, g2-Metrix® allows you to consolidate all relevant measurement indicators and compare them with targets, and acts as a trigger for growth and improved performance. Preventing problems is less traumatic than solving them, and g2-Metrix® lets you pinpoint potential difficulties, at the same time identifying opportunities to be exploited.

Uniquely, g2-Metrix® is designed to give you direct access to a website hosted in a secure environment by g2BS, thereby saving your hard-pressed IT resources, and placing performance firmly in your hands.

It’s a novel initiative.
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