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To create an interface between g2-Metrix® and external data sources, g2BS create bespoke software to translate data from helpdesks, complaint logs and so on into information that can be imported into g2-Metrix® instantly. This ensures that no matter the number of events or transactions you deal with on a month-by-month basis, you will have almost instant visibility of performance.

Although each instance of g2-Middleware is custom made for each customer, the process and the basic model are the same in each instance.

The Model

We take individual events and group them according to rules we devise in collaboration with you - consolidating individual buildings into campuses, services into service groups for ease of measurement and tracking through g2-Metrix so not only are you saving time and money by using g2-Metrix®, you can save even more when you include g2-Middleware.

The Process

We call this the mapping phase. We will work with you and your suppliers to create the rules which group locations, services or any other business component you wish to track the performance of and identify key data held against (for example) helpdesk events which are required to accurately measure performance. Online tools are created and a collaborative approach is taken whereby all key stakeholders have a say in the creation of the g2-Middleware rules.


After development of your custom g2-Middleware, a short period of testing begins where stakeholders collaborate to validate and if necessary improve the accuracy of the software and once all parties agree, the whole system goes live.

All g2 products are specialist web-based performance management applications allowing you to track and view your performance scores, upload and/or input data wherever you are — whether you are at your desktop or laptop or on the move with your smartphone, iPad or tablet — there is a g2 product available to save you time and money in managing performance