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Web-based Performance Management

g2-Metrix® is a web based performance management software application which allows organisations to capture vital information about their service performance against the desired service levels, whether services are delivered through an outsourced supply chain and/or internally.

It helps the user identify, model and manage service delivery by using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that in turn are used to assess the delivery performance against the desired Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs).

g2-Metrix® offers a novel method of measuring and managing service delivery against targets (the service levels), highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and providing essential management information in various formats – exceptions to be actioned and acted upon, trends to compare and review performance over time and variance to help validate and correlate the different components of the scorecard.

g2-Metrix® operates by building KPIs from the bottom up, the KPIs are structured into groups and different levels, these levels build up to an Overall Score presented as Key Performance Outcomes. All parts of the g2-Metrix® scorecard model are weighted and operate on a met/failed risk management basis driving meaningful and objective KPI scores.

g2-Metrix® offers a variety of user permissions and depending on the scorecard access rights, g2-Metrix® allows the user to view scores, drill down into the scorecard, input scores and view standard reports.

The standard reports are:

  • KPI Exceptions
  • KPI Exception Trend
  • Trend
  • Variable Trend
  • Benchmark

The standard reports are designed to display summaries of what has gone wrong, when and where. This allows users to target specific areas of failure & correct them, compare this with others location and/or teams and compare this over time.

g2-Metrix® has been designed to make service performance management easy to understand, be objectives, visible and to provide all users with the information they need to take action, improve and drive value.

All g2 products are specialist web-based performance management applications allowing you to track and view your performance scores, upload and/or input data wherever you are — whether you are at your desktop or laptop or on the move with your smartphone, iPad or tablet — there is a g2 product available to save you time and money in managing performance