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g2-Audit is a unique business management application designed to assist you with data capture, and help to validate service delivery by location/site, and/or by team/supplier. The application in practice allows any organisation to efficiently carry out audits across a range of services, or across a geographically spread portfolio. Like all g2 products they have been designed by practitioners to help fill a gap in your performance management data capture process – saving you time, cost and reducing risk.

It is designed to capture and display information in the form of structured audits and reports, meaning that Customers, and the executors of tasks, are able to see their service levels, processes and business systems being implemented, executed and monitored, all in one neat, comprehensive and reliable utility.

g2-Audit is designed to provide efficiency, reliability and ease of use. It involves the interaction of both service requestors and executors, or as uniquely called in the g2-Audit, the Auditors & Actioners. The Auditor assesses delivery and records where actions may be required, and then issues the actions to an Actioner. The Actioner attends to the action within the stated time frame and confirms via the application that corrective steps have been taken.

Auditors are able to quickly scan online the entire range of their business operations, break down audit reports down by a particular service, and then home in on audits for individual locations/sites, and/or teams/suppliers. The audits are specifically designed to display critical business operations data and are displayed in a live, “as it currently stands” form. This can be in the form of viewing an overall audit calendar to determine that the audits are actually taking place, as well as being able to view the performance results of the audits carried out.

When using g2-AUDIT, Auditors (requesters of tasks) are able to see the full status of all their vital business operations from every strategic angle, from audits in an unprocessed state, partly processed state, pending actions, partly completed actions through to fully completed, and ready for archiving audits.

Tasks that have been allocated to Actioners (executers of tasks) are then displayed to the allocated Actioners, who are able to view all their tasks in a current corrective state, as well as tasks which are in an overdue state. This means that they have a concise and clear view of the areas requiring their attention, along with the facility to advise the Auditor (their customer) what they have done to correct matters.

In practise, our customers use it to (i) audit service delivery of their outsourced supply chain, (ii) checking compliance, and (iii) validating service level agreements. In many cases the data recorded is then used to either score KPIs in g2-Metrix®, or used as a validator to verify that the KPIs already recorded are indeed truly representative of the service being provided.

This powerful business application is certainly a must have tool for organisations that want to keep on top of their service delivery, and remain at the cutting edge of enhancing their ever growing business management needs.

Like all g2 products, g2-Audit can be provided on a stand-alone basis, or as part of the g2 suite of performance management solutions. g2-Audit directly interfaces with both g2-Metrix® and g2-HLD.

All g2 products are specialist web-based performance management applications allowing you to track and view your performance scores, upload and/or input data wherever you are — whether you are at your desktop or laptop or on the move with your smartphone, iPad or tablet — there is a g2 product available to save you time and money in managing performance