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January 2010 Airbus UK and Scottish Power specify g2-Metrix®
Both Airbus UK and Scottish Power are now specifying g2-Metrix® as their preferred service performance management solution in their re-tender programmes.
g2BS plays a central role in pioneering a new Facilities Management approach for Scottish Power. Scottish Power (SP) has entrusted g2BS to implement their new bundled Facilities Management strategy. These processes oversee the operations and management of Scottish Power sites all over the UK and particularly focus on the performance management of the major subcontractors: CHUBB, Eurest, ISS and TNT. These processes focus on SP’s new performance management model which is developed in tandem with g2BS. g2BS have been retained to implement the 5 new service bundles, which are repairs and maintenance, front of house, catering and related services, cleaning and related services and security. g2-Metrix® and the g2-High Level Dashboard are both at the heart of the new performance management regime being put in place to drive SP’s Facilities Management's 4 key objectives over the next 3 years, which are based on the Service Level Agreements that were developed, implemented & maintained by g2BS’s trademark software tools.
February 2010 g2BS embarks on an Intense Process Mapping and Continuous Improvement Programme to facilitate Forth Road Bridge (FRB) in improving their key business processes. Heather Manson, the Business Improvement Manager at the FRB has engaged g2BS to facilitate structured process improvement workshops that cover every major aspect of the bridge’s key operations. The bridge is one of Scotland’s icons, standing at 2.5km long and with a main span of 1006 metres. Careful planning is essential to operate and manage the resources effectively. g2BS is playing a pivotal role in helping FRB review its operations to ensure that all key processes are working at their optimum levels These processes range from procurement, through to work scheduling and maintenance (planned and reactive) & all the way to bridge inspections and general operations
April 2010 g2BS assists the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) in the processes mapping & improvement operations of Tissue Services, which includes Heart and Tendon Processing. g2BS have been entrusted by Tom McQuillan, the Operations Manager for Tissue Services, to facilitate the structured process improvement workshops covering every major aspect of Tissue Services, which involves heart valves and tendons process. These processes cover the dissection, treatment, freezing, storage and distribution services and are conducted on-site. The retrievals are done at off-site mortuaries for environmental monitoring purposes. Stem cells and bone marrow are processed, manipulated, frozen, stored and distributed on-site and collected and re-infused off-site. Every step of the process is currently being analysed to identify areas for improvement. This activity is being carried out by the staffs that have been professionally trained in process mapping techniques by Graham Wyllie, Operations Director of g2BS.
g2BS & g2-Metrix® take centre stage at Central Government’s Performance Management event. g2BS hosted and presented a Performance Management Seminar to Central Government and other corporate delegates at the 1VS conference centre in London. This event highlighted the successful implementation g2-Metrix® at a Central Governmental level. The Cabinet Office (Christine Zammit) and dBIS (Melanie Blasé, Theresa Ellis & Robin Stephens), both of whom are currently using g2-Metrix with successful results, presented their case studies & validated g2-Metrix® regarding its efficiency in helping these organisations manage the performance of their outsourced supply chain. The audience included representatives from the Houses of Parliament, Home Office and Birkbeck University, Barnet & Chase Farm NHS, the OGC, Ecovert Group, Princess Alexandria Hospital, Transport for London and University College London. For further information regarding this event and any future events, e-mail Rhona Forrester.
April/May 2010 g2BS continue to support Strathclyde University DMEM and design & deliver the FM module of the MSc Operations Management for Babcock Naval Services.
July 2010 Airbus UK extend the SQCDP g2-Metrix® model across 3 more key services at the Broughton and Filton sites. g2-Metrix® is now helping manage the performance of 9 key outsourced services on 660,000 square metres of real estate.
October 2010 Airbus UK offer the A380 factory for the next g2-Metrix® user group to be held in spring of 2011.