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“g2-Metrix® is very easy to use and the early benefits from using the system have made it a very worthwhile investment…” - dBIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)


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g2bs G-Cloud contract novates to the newly formed Government Property Agency.

G2BS - g-Cloud 7 contract novated from the CO (GPU) to the new GPA. This includes the g2-metrix software suite being used to manage service and contract performance on the GPA's AFC TFM contract.


New 3 year contract with SPUK for g2bs and the g2-metrix software suite

Scottish Power (SPUK) and g2bs agree a new 3 year contract. With g2bs providing a contract management and governance role for SPUK as well as the g2-metrix software suite to help with the contract management. governance and performance of SPUK's recently awarded Hard and Soft Services contract bundles.


G-Cloud 9 success for the g2-metrix software suite with Transport for London.

Transport for London (TfL) purchase the g2-metrix software suite through the G-Cloud 9 framework, to help manage service and contract performance on the new TfL One FM UK Contract Bundles covering all major TfL corporate locations.


G-Cloud 9 success for the g2-metrix software suite.

G-Cloud 9 Cloud Software Framework appointment means g2-metrix, the market leading FM performance management software, is available to purchase through the G-Cloud 9 Framework.


First G-Cloud 7 success for the g2-metrix software suite.

The Government Property Unit (GPU) purchased the g2-metrix software suite on a 2 year contract to help manage service and contract performance on the UK Gov Affiliates Cluster TFM contract. The cluster includes the Cabinet Office, DFID, FSA, GAD, HSE and OFSTED.


A further 12 month extension in Transport for London for g2-metrix.

TfL Facilities Operation extend their g2-metrix software license for further 12 months. Taking the TfL Facilities Ops/g2bs relationship into its seventh year.


g2-metrix software suite available on G-Cloud 7 Lot 3 - SaaS

The g2-metrix performance management software suite is now available to purchase through the Government Digital Marketplace - G-Cloud 7 Framework.


British Airways engages g2bs to audit their FM contracts

Having played a key role in the British Airways re-tender project (the BA FM 2013 Project). BA and its supply chain commissioned g2bs to audit the performance of contract bundles 1 (hard services) and 3 (catering services). The audit scope to identify the positive and negative areas of contract delivery to date and how the contract delivery aligned to the stated contract objectives and deliverables - the audit was completed mid-June 2015.


Transport for London extend their g2-metrix license for a further 12 months.

TfL Facilities Operations extend their g2-metrix software license for a further 12 months. TfL/g2-metrix relationship now in its 6th year.




The Users

The Concept

Intelligent Performance Management! Having been frustrated with the lack of solutions available in the market place for managing service performance, g2BS set out to change the way KPIs were being managed. From direct experience, g2BS recognised that there was a need to move away from using the time consuming and costly spread sheet based approach to managing performance by Key Performance Outcomes, or KPOs as we call them.

This brings objectivity and clarity into how relationships are managed between the organisations buying the services and the service providers (internal or outsourced), delivering them. g2BS has managed to successfully reduce the admin burden on resources, make information visible and available quickly, get the data to the right people at the right time.

By reporting by exception this allows owners to take action, improve performance, drive value, save time and cost. g2BS also recognise that significant investment has often been made in IT systems to date, and rather than discard this investment, g2BS uses the existing data and transforms it into meaningful management information.

This approach dispels the myth that helpdesk, and other databases, are performance management solutions, they are not. g2BS has developed market leading software solutions g2-METRIX®, g2-AUDIT and g2-HLD. and have combined years of expertise and knowledge into web- based Intelligent Performance Management. The end user can access dashboards, scorecards and reports and/or input scores from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Components


Our Service Performance Management system. Read more…


A unique business management application designed to assist you with data capture, and help to validate service delivery. Read more…


An executive-level dashboard used to track and demonstrate that an organisation is meeting is key objectives and deliverables. Read more…